Warrior of the Light – Paulo Coelho

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„A warrior of light knows that certain moments repeat themselves.
He often finds himself faced by the same problems and situations, and seeing these difficult situations return,
he grows depressed, thinking that he is incapable of making any progress in life.
„I’ve been through this all before,“ he says to his heart.
„Yes, you have been through this all before,“ replies his heart.
„But you have never been beyond it.“
 Then the warrior realizes that these repeated experiences have but one aim: to teach him what he does not want to learn.“

„The warrior rarely knows the result of a battle when the battle is over.
The activity of fighting will have generated an enormous amount of energy around him and there is always a moment when victory and defeat are both equally possible.
Time will tell who won and who lost, but he knows that, from that moment on, he can do nothing more: the fate of that battle lies in God’s hands.
At such moments, the warrior of light is not concerned with results.
He examines his heart and asks: Did I fight the Good Fight?‘ If the answer is ‚yes‘, he can rest. If the answer is ’no‘, he takes up his sword and begins training all over again.“

„The warrior of light does not always have faith.
There are moments when he believes in absolutely nothing.
And he asks his heart: ‚Is all this effort really worth it?‘
But his heart remains silent. And the warrior has to decide for himself.
Then he looks for an example.
And he remembers that Jesus went through something similar in order fully to inhabit the human condition.‘ Remove this cup from me,‘ said Jesus.
He too lost heart and courage, but he did not stop.
The warrior of light continues despite his lack of faith.
 He goes forward and, in the end, faith returns.“

„The Warrior knows that he is free to choose his desires, and he makes these decisions with courage, detachment, and – sometimes – with just a touch of madness.“


„On some nights, he has nowhere to sleep, on others, he suffers from insomnia. „That’s just how it is,“ thinks the warrior. „I was the one who chose to walk this path.“
In these words lies all his power:

He chose the path along which he is walking and so has no complaints.“


[Warrior of the Light – Paulo Coelho. Harper. 2003]

Schönes Buch!

– liefner

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